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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.  

We also provide Community Outreach and Educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter, training and stopping the cycle of abuse.



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The Darla Foundation

Volunteer Opportunities


    • Provide a safe and happy home for animals until their Forever Home is found!
    • Keep in contact with Foster Coordinator, Social Media Administrator, etc. as needed.
    • Provide updated bios and photos of your foster animal.
    • Help in application process with questions, meet n greets, etc.
    • Socialize your foster animal and attend Adoption Events with your foster animal.
    • Teach the foster basic training and manners. (Help provided if needed)


    • Help transport dogs or cats from shelters, to foster homes, to and from vet appointments, etc.

Application Processor

    • Process Applications for both Foster and Adoptions.
    • Check references, veterinarian, landlord (if applicable).
    • Contact foster for any questions regarding the specific animal.
    • Learn as much vital information as possible on each animal to be able to discuss with potential foster/adopter.
    • Once application is approved, send request for home visit to be completed.

Home Visit Processor

    • Complete Home Visit on approved applications.
    • Work closely with Application Processor to schedule visit and complete process.
    • If passes, contact foster or Coordinators to discuss situation to help decide if animal is right for that home.

Event Worker

    • Attend Events to promote rescue.
    • Assist fosters as needed that bring their animals.
    • Keep up to date and informed to answer and educate the public!

Social Media Administrator

    • Post Pictures and Bios of available animals on Facebook along with articles, etc. that promote our mission DAILY!
    • Post Events and Create Event pages.
    • Monitor wall and messages for inappropriate content.
    • Post ads on Craigslist for Fosters, Donations, Volunteers, Etc.

Fundraising, Grants and Donation Committees

    • Assists the Coordinators with their tasks in these departments.
    • Typing, phone calls, form creation, etc. as needed.


Coordinator Positions

Donation Coordinator

    • Oversee committee and delegate to committee as needed
    • Contact Pet Food Distributors, local businesses, agencies, pet supply stores, etc. for NON-Grant style donations whether monetary, products, or services.
    • Coordinate storage and inventory of supplies so it is known what is needed.
    • Create and maintain database for donor information including contact info, if they have been contacted, when/what was donated, etc.
    • Send Thank You’s to donors (private and companies) and keep in touch with them.

Event Coordinator

    • Schedules, Researches, and Negotiates for Events to promote our rescue.
    • Makes sure all info regarding events is passed along to the Group, Fosters, Social Media Administrator, etc. for promotion.
    • Maintain Event Kits and keep stocked for each event.
    • Keep financials for any events.
    • Maintain inventory of any Merchandise for sale and order as advised.

Fundraising Coordinator

    • Responsible for overseeing all Fundraising.
    • Create fun and new fundraising ideas including non-event fundraisers.
    • Maintain contact with Donation Coordinator for Auction and Raffle items.
    • Collect additional items if needed.
    • Maintain contact with Event Coordinator for fundraising events.

Grant Coordinator

    • Research Grant opportunities.
    • Maintain database for opportunities, when contacted, requirements, etc.
    • Maintain use records for those grants requiring it.
    • Process Grant applications.
    • Oversee assistants.

Foster Coordinator

    • Keep track of each animal and foster home.
    • Maintain contact with foster homes to discuss any issues and proceed accordingly, i.e. food, new crate, behavior issues, meds, etc. Make sure records and pictures are updated.
    • Help application processors, home visit processors, etc. as needed to facilitate foster applications.
    • Complete Foster contracts and any other paperwork needed.
    • Know details of each animal to help place in proper homes.
    • Maintain medical records on each animal and send needed medications, etc.
    • Coordinate spay/neuter, vaccinations, etc. with vet and foster.
    • Send reminders for medications, vaccinations and procedures.

Adoption Coordinator

    • Make sure all info on animals are updated to provide the best opportunity at adoption.
    • Work closely with application processors and home visit processors to facilitate adoption applications.
    • Arrange Meet n Greets, schedule adoptions and process Adoption Contract once approved.
    • Forward contracts, payments, etc. to Director.
    • Follow-up and maintain contact with adopters regarding contact info, training (if required), issues, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator

    • Process all Volunteer applications and talk to each applicant.
    • Decide where best suited and work with Coordinator to contact them to get started!
    • Coordinate Volunteer Training Sessions.
    • Recruit new Volunteers as possible.
    • Maintain contact and help volunteers with any issues they may have!



The Darla Foundation (aka Cause 4 Paws Chicago)